"Mongol Advocates" Law Firm was founded in 2003. For more than 10 years we have been providing legal assistance for local and foreign individuals and legal entities, also for organizations without legal entity’s right. Our firm is especially well-known for qualified, outstanding advocates, each being well-educated and experienced in various fields of law.

Our main goal is to identify the conditions and circumstances impacting our clients, both commercially and personally, and to provide appropriate legal services to meet our client’s needs.

Over the past year we have provided legal advice, aid and assistance for total of over 15000 local and foreign individuals and business entities. If you choose our firm we are faithful that we can be your wise counselor and reliable partner!


We have been submitted proposals for the following draft law:

  • The draft law on Legal status of lawyers;
  • The draft law on election of Mongolian Parliament;
  • The draft law on Crime;
  • The draft law on Freedom of Media;
  • The draft law on Children’s Right;
  • The draft law on Child Protection;
  • Regulation of compliance on Legal status of lawyers;
  • The draft law on Partnership;

We have worked as counselor for the following projects:

  • Under project of Ministry of Health, Mongolia in cooperation with Asian Development Bank and Japan Fund of Poverty Reduction ‘’Improve access to health care for vulnerable part of population in Ulaanbaatar’’ research and amendments for draft on health law,
  • Under joint project of Ministry of Justice, Mongolia and UN Development Programme “Reducing poverty by increasing legal capacity” research on a decision that determines administrative legislation.

On drafting legal opinion and due diligence investigation:

  • We have produced legal opinions and reviews for legal entities such as “Mongol Shuudan” JSC, “Air Trans” JSC, “Silicat” JSC in accordance with the terms specified in the “Regulation on offer of securities in the primary market, register publicly offered securities” that adopted by Financial regulatory commissions,
  • We have produced legal reviews in transferring license of mineral resources, purchasing and trading shares, issues with investment for more than 30 local and foreign companies. For example, “Silicat” JSC, “Tsagaan Shonhor Holding” LLC, “Taishen Development” LLC “Sytle Bimex” LLC.

The cases that successfully solved and finalized in the Court Proceedings by our firm:

  • We have successfully solved deputies and cases related to taxes, tenders, natural minerals, land, rivalries of companies such as, ”MIAT’’ JSC, “Tsagaan shonhor Holding” LLC, Thermal power station number 2, “Siti Hugjil” LLC, “Khan Resources” LLC, “Tuv Aziin Uran” LLC, “Nic” LLC, “Eermel” JSC and etc.
  • Lenin museum building ownership case.
  • The case on executives of “MIAT” JSC.

Our international cooperation:

  • Cooperating with United States “Fragomen” LLP in legal status of foreign citizens, issues of employment and visa;

We are cooperating with the following firms:

  • “Tsogoo and Wahl” Law Firm, Federal Republic of Germany 
  •  “Jian zhong law firm” Law Firm, People’s Republic of China
  •  "Taisho law firm" Law Firm, Japan