Book name:
ADVOCACY STUDY (Compilations of articles and publications)

This is the second time we have compiled our fellow legal professionals’ articles and publications published within last 2 centuries, where those articles and publications are considered a valued asset of  modern “Legal Study”. The compilations were compiled based on the dates of articles published and was not altered from its original version.








About the Author (compiler) Overview

Published by: "Mongol Advocates" law firm

Advisor: Purevnyam B (Former President of Mongolian Advocates Association)

Compilers: Sukhbaatar Z,


This 2nd version contains things we have missed on the 1st version regarding advocates, advocate activities, and advocate roles such as solicitor, state lawyer, trial preparation, attendance of lawyer in Administrative Case Resolution activities, Advocate Association lectures at the State Khural, practices and experiences from the foreign advocacy and other valuable articles and publications. This compilation contains many articles and publications from articles written by Gursed Ts, First Head of Supreme Court of the People’s Republic of Mongolia, in 1928 to articles written in 2011. There are total of 169 articles written by 115 authors compiled in chronological orders.

We have dedicated this book to our fellow lawyers, advocates, and trainees who are being prepared for this progression with the hope that this book might contribute to their future success.