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   This Partnership Incorporation Handbook was based on the theory and concept of partnership, and in accordance with Mongolian and foreign laws and regulations, as well as current practice of the relevant authorities. 

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Published by: “Mongol Advocates” LLP, “Academy of Advocacy Studies” NGO

Authors: Sukhbaatar Z

Oyundelger P

Jargalsaikhan Kh

Oyun-Erdene P

Erdenetsetseg E

Oyuntuul B

Shurentsetseg E

Otgonbayar D

   This handbook describes the development, understanding, nature, organizational structure and features of the partnership, and the consideration of the partnership establishment and the establishment stage.

   Besides it is practically significant attaching samples of the required documents to incorporate a partnership for each type of its structure.  

   We hope that this handbook will contribute to your business.