The Government submitted a draft law on amendments to the Budget Law of 2023 to Parliament and it was approved by Parliament on June 16. In this regard, at the regular Cabinet meeting, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection discussed the following eight issues related to increasing salaries and pensions and providing child support to each child and decided to implement them from July 1. It includes:

1.The salary coefficient for pension calculation was revised nine years after 2014, and the difference in pensions between pensioners who have worked in the same profession for the same number of years and paid contributions has become closer.

2.The amount of pension provided by the social insurance fund and received by military pensioners has been increased by 10 percent, the minimum amount of the full pension and military pension provided by the social insurance fund has been set at 550,000 MNT, and the minimum amount of the proportional pension provided by the social insurance fund has been set at 440,000 MNT.

3.The amount of the social welfare pension is set at 350,000 MNT and the care allowance at 275,000 MNT.

4.The “Procedure for Providing Child Allowance” was discussed and approved to provide child allowance to all children aged zero to 18 in Mongolia.

5.Salaries of civil servants will be increased by 26 to 50 percent.

6.In line with the revision of the salaries of public administration positions, the minimum salary for the position will be 1 million MNT, and the salaries of the governors and their deputies of the district capital, soum district, and regional centers will be increased.

7.The ranks of public professional services and general public services in the fields of science, health, education, culture, sports, and sports have been updated.

8.Relevant amendments have been made to the “Procedures for granting local government and service employees a bonus for working in the local area” and “Procedures for providing one-time grants for old-age retirement to government employees”.

Source: https://mongolia.gov.mn/news/view/26715